Vision & Values


Expand our leadership in wheel trims, as well as in decorative and functional automotive trims. We will do this by building an organization based on: innovation, a global approach, a shared culture, team work, and financial strength. We aim at empowering auto brands to lead.

Through a highly qualified and committed team, constantly improving our commercial focus to become a Supplier of Choice for our current and potential customers, Zanini pushes for achieving its vision through 3 main axes and a set of values.


Our culture is based on the following values:

  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Team work
  • Leadership

Contributing with own knowledge, abilities and effort, Zanini’s professionals strive for an excellent performance.

In each and every position achieving results is a must, it is a necessary condition. But is not a sufficient condition, not at the expense of the rest of values.

Excellent performances, but not at the expense of incurring in unnecessary costs or at the expense of incurring in Quality, Safety, or Business Reputational risks. Responsibility and Accountability is expected in any Zanini collaborator.

Individual results, but not at the expense of collective results. Team Work across Zanini’s departments, collaborating across countries and regions, driving synergies with our partners is the only way to optimize results and serve our global clients.

Results, but not at the expense of people development and a good working atmosphere. Zanini’s Managers have a special responsibility in behaving through a leadership style that fosters development and recognizes potential. Leadership is expected in every level, and all employees can contribute to develop others and to a good working atmosphere.